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Group Organizational Project Reflection

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Individual Reflection on Group Organizational Project

The Individual Reflection should be six-seven pages and include these elements. The
of the this reflection is for you to have a space to interrelate what you learned in
your readings, class, Zoom calls, from your organizations, and from working in groups
with your organizations. They should provide synthesis and integrate your
understandings from these different materials.
For individual reflections please have a bibliography and use in-text citations for at
least six sources (at least three from class or sources provided, and three from
outside only .org or .edu). These could be topical (based on same topic, but could be
different place), regional (based on the place you are researching, and could be related
topic but not exact one), or methodological (how to do something). They can be
websites, books, scientific research articles, or materials produced by nonprofits and
practitioners. The idea is to demonstrate as an individual that you have been able to
contextualize this project in relation to what we have been doing in the course as well as
within what the organization does.
● Who is the organization (Amazon Frontline)? What is their mission and
vision? With whom in the organization are you working (Alex Goff) ? What
are names and roles relative to the organization? Who was in your group and
what was everyone’s roles? (use in-text citations to cite website and other
relevant docs)
Names of group members and contributions:
Amazon Frontline (Organization we worked with):
● On a group and individual level, what exactly did the organization has
asked you to do? What parts were you most excited about? What parts were
more challenging? How did you overcome the challenges? Were you excited
and/or feel good about the outcome?
● When was the organization founded? Since when has the issue you are
working on been a thing? How was your group’s timing on the project? What
were the time management challenges? What do you think you and/or you all
could have done better in relation to meeting your timeline goals? (use in-text
citations to cite website and other relevant docs)
● Where does the organization work? Where is your project focused?
● On a group and individual level, why is what they have asked you (again,
as a group and individual) to do relevant to what they do? What is the
purpose of the project? How can you contextualize the project that they have
asked you to do in the organization’s overall mission, vision, programs, and/or
goals? Why does it matter to them? Why is it relevant and why does it matter
to you, to rainforests cultures, to conservation, to the world? (use in text
citations to cite website and other relevant docs; this part in which you
contextualize your project will be the one that you include most of your
● On a group and individual level, how did you as a group and individuals
accomplish what they have asked you to do? How did you divide up the
work? How did you communicate with one another? Did you get feedback on
your part? How did it work out? Did your group work well together? Why or
why not? How might you imagine that the communications and group
dynamics could improve in the future, so that everyone feels good and is
contributing equally, fairly, and respectfully? Did you get the support you need
from the organization? Why or why not? Do you have suggestions for how the
organization, course, and professor could better organize things or help
students in the future?

What should be discussed:
I worked on the slides presenting the Wimbi community and contributing towards other slides
by editing them and including images. I focused on case study one racismo ambiental muerte
lenta by providing information on the racial environmental effects of palm plantations. My role
was the timer, meaning during our presentation and when creating the presentation I
communicated with my group to keep us on schedule and tried having a schedule to follow
along. I discussed two sides when presenting in class. The final goal is to help translate the
presentation into Spanish and make it into a video. I proofread and edited the text in our slides
throughout the process and especially for the class presentation. I discussed two slides for the
class presentation. I contributed to the slides and formatting focussing on case study 1, helped
organize the structure of our presentation and in discussion breakout rooms.
Slides presentation I worked on:
Proposal of project to better understand :
Please use at least three from these asources:
Example of individual reflection:

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