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Government of Texas stereotypes Assignment

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Some people love Texas and others love to make fun of her.  According to some, we all ride horses, shoot guns, dodge tornadoes and execute people on a daily basis.  Tell me about your favorite Texas stereotypes – here are some ideas:  What have you heard from people outside of the State?  If you are from Texas – are you more proud to be from Texas or from the US?  What do other states and countries think of Texas and Texans?  What are the positive and negatives about living in Texas (other than the heat – we all know it is hot)?  What is the most boring state in the union and why?  These are just some of the idea of things to write about – you can write about more.

The rules:  Remember, this needs to be at least one and a half full pages of solid, thoughtful material in order to even be considered for full credit.   Students receiving full credit usually turn in papers of at least 2 pages.  Have some fun with it, but remember this is an academic paper.  No cussing or slang, use proper grammar and proof-read before sending, use the spell-checker, do not end a sentence with a question mark (you are supposed to answer questions, not ask them), et cetera. 

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