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Governance Risk and Compliance Assignment

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You’ll investigate GRC. This is a huge topic and will be covered in later classes. We’ve done a deep-dive this term into risk. This paper is to gain some insight.

• 5 pages, double spaced, running header NOT NEEDED. One separate page for References with Websites links.

Answer these questions:

– What is GRC and (as a continuation), what is a GRC program?

– What are some GRC program trends in 2021 and beyond?

– What are the most popular GRC tools today?

– Search SimplyHired or other recruiting tools for “GRC software”, your choice of location. What do you see? What are the most essential skills needed? Review in context of topics we’ve discussed in this class.


 Is GRC part of a risk management program or is the risk management program part of GRC?

• Include effective opening/closing statements… and what exploded your brain?

READ THESE FOR CONTEXT and for initial guidance:

– What is GRC? | IBM

– What is GRC / Governance, Risk and Compliance? | OCEG

– Top GRC Tools & Software for 2021 | eSecurityPlanet

– 20 Best GRC software jobs in Florida (Hiring Now!) | SimplyHired

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