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Goals In Clinical Social Work

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Answer the following question

Question: Explain the various goals of both clinical social work and case management. In what ways do they differ and how might they overlap? Considering a future career in the field of social work, which sounds more appealing to you? Why

Gabriela Thompson

Hello everyone,

Answer: While clinical social work and case management both seek well-being for community members, the path that is taken to achieve this goal is slightly different. Clinical social work focuses on maintaining and enhancing the psychosocial functioning in small groups, families, and individuals (Farley et al., 2011). Clinical social workers comprise the largest group of behavioral health workers to provide counseling and treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues and operate in a variety of areas such as schools, hospitals, and community mental health agencies (Bradley et al., 2012). Case management has 8 primary functions: reaching out to clients, completing assessments, identifying recourses, linking their clients to these resources, implementing services, monitoring services, implementing new services when needed, and re-evaluating the individual (Farley et al., 2011). The primary difference between clinical social work and case management is that clinical social workers can provide counseling and treatment and case managers are only able to connect clients with these services.

When thinking of my future in social work, I think that the field that excites me the most would be clinical social work. I think that the primary reason for this excitement is that I would be able to do more for the individuals and groups within my community by being personally involved in the treatment of those I’m trying to assist.

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