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Global Business Ethics Assignment

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Global Business Ethics Assignment


The Kinder Morgan Pipeline has been the source of many controversies. Research the internet in regard to the controversies surrounding the Pipeline. Explore and analyze the following subjects, identify issues and offer solutions as to how the issues can be managed / resolved.

–       Stakeholders. What are the controversies in regard to these stakeholders? In particular explore aboriginals as stakeholders.

–       Explore the role of Canadian Government in business and also the lobbying of the government by Kinder Morgan and the oil industry. Global Business Ethics Assignment

–       Explore the sustainability perspectives and also Porter’s 5 Forces in regard to the pipeline’s construction. Did Kinder Morgan have a competitive advantage in this scenario?

–       Global forces and business responsibility. Discuss globalization and what role it plays in the construction of the pipeline.

You do not need to have references. The entire paper should be in your own words. Do not use figures and dates, rather explore and analyze the subjects and the underlying factors in regard to the controversies and end your paper by offering solutions to the issues you explore. Write your paper double spaced.

Word limit 1000

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