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Global Access NMIMS Exam

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  1. List out the implied warranties under the Sales of Goods Act, 1930 and provide an
    example explaining each implied warranty.
  1. Explain in detail two (2) real-life cases of penalties being imposed for offences under
    Information Technology Act, 2000. Please explain the facts and the nature of the offence
    in detail. (10 Marks)
  2. Rehan’s father died due to COVID-19 complications but Rehan felt that the negligence
    of the hospital authorities led to his father dying. The hospital in which his father was
    admitted is a government hospital. Now, Rehan wants to file a case against the hospital
    towards this negligence. He requested the hospital to provide the case papers of his father
    health records, admission records and other details of his stay in the hospital. However,
    the hospital refused it.
    a. Under what law can Rehan apply to obtain the documents and records from the
    government hospital in light of the refusal of the government hospital to provide the
    same? Please explain the answer with reasons (5 Marks)
    b. Can the government hospital refuse the provision of the documents, if yes under which
    law? Please explain the answer with reasons
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