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Genetically Modified Organisms Assignment

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For this assignment, you will take a stance for or against the use of Genetically Modified Organisms
(GMOs) or pesticides in agriculture, and showcase an article that provides evidence for your claim.
• Find an article that either supports or discredits the helpfulness of GMO’s or pesticides. The
article should support your claim.
• Discuss at least three (3) pieces of evidence to support your stance. Some possible points of
discussion include crop output, health and safety of humans and animals, water pollution, and
• Upload your chosen article for your peers to evaluate your response.
• Provide at least one (1) peer response that elaborates on your classmate’s ideas with further
comment or observation, presents a relevant new idea or viewpoint for consideration, and
raises a question, or politely offers an alternative perspective.
• Include the citation of the article in the correct APA style.
• Post the assignment, article, and your response to the Assignment Forum by the due dates
listed above.
Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before you write and
again after you write.

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