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Fundamental Rights of Americans

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One of the fundamental rights we have as Americans is freedom of speech. Most people feel it is one of the most important aspects of our country and what sets us apart from many other countries in the world. However, that does not mean it is not without controversy. Freedom:what it is, when it should be censored, and its impact on society. 

Is freedom of speech unassailable, and should be protected at all costs, or are there times when it should be censored or prosecuted for what it may imply or encourage people to do? If there are limits, what are they? Does free speech exist, or is it up for us, or the government, to define it? 

utilize Rogerian Argument for this essay

 Cite each source at least once:

“The Case for Censoring Hate Speech”

“The Unfree Speech Movement”

 “On Freedom of Expression and Campus Speech Codes”

 “Intimidation Is the New Normal”

 “Talking Past Each Other on Free Speech”

There are three (3) things to do when addressing counterargument. 

1) Refute: Show where their point is wrong and provide evidence

2) Concede: Admit that they have a legitimate point.  This shows that are looking at the topic in a fair and balanced manner.

3) Partially Concede:  Show that the opposing side has a point, but is only partially correct, which weakens its argument.

Address at least two (2) of the oppositions most compelling counterargument in this essay

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