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Financial Management Discussion Assignment

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Community Benefit Spending

a. In at least 1 page, identify how your non-profit organization will spend money helping your community.

2. Balance Sheet (Norwicki, 2018, pp. 51-54)

a. Create a hypothetical (realistic) balance sheet for your organization/facility. The balance sheet should cover two years, the current year and the subsequent year. The balance sheet should show a vivid increase in total net assets.

i. Explain the entries in your balance sheet.

ii. Calculate your Assets for both years.

3. Statement of Operations (Norwicki, 2018, pp. 54-57)

a. Create a hypothetical (realistic) statement of operations for your organization/facility. The statement of operations should cover two years, the current year and the subsequent year.

i. Calculate the Operating Margin and explain your result.

4. Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, & Budgeting (Norwicki, 2018, pp. 299-326)

a. Norwikci (2018) outlined a 22-stage Corporate Planning Process (Exhibit 13.1, pp. 299-300). Review the process outlined and identify how your organization/facility has met/will meet the stages outlined in the following sections:

i. Strategic Planning (Stages 1-8)

ii. Operational Planning (Stages 9-13)

iii. Budgeting (Stages 14-17)

5. Recommendations and Conclusion

Incorporate all chapters into one comprehensive paper, with the following pages, headings (bold font), and subheadings (italic font) as follows:

1. Title page

2. Table of contents

3. Organization/Facility Development

a. Health Care Organization/Facility

b. Data Gathering & Examination

c. Organizational Dynamics and Structure

d. Recommendations and Conclusion

4. Health Care Delivery, Information Systems, & Quality Assurance

a. Health Care Delivery and Models

b. Information Systems

c. Quality Assurance

d. Recommendations and Conclusion

5. Regulatory Compliance, Health Care Law, and Ethics

a. Regulatory Compliance and Health Care Law

b. Health Care Ethics

c. Recommendations and Conclusion

6. Financial Management

a. Community Benefit Spending

b. Balance Sheet

c. Statement of Operations

d. Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, & Budgeting

e. Recommendations and Conclusion

7. References

8. Appendices (if applicable) 

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