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Final poster with audio and visual presentation

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Human Biochemistry HBC205

Instructions In this assessment, you are required to submit the final poster with an audio presentation.

When designing the final poster, please take into consideration the feedback you received
on the draft poster that you completed for Assessment 2 Part A on the following topic:
Type I diabetes mellitus and the metabolic pathways that lead to high blood glucose levels and
lowered blood pH in untreated diabetes mellitus.

Your final poster should be of no more than one PPT slide and must have an audio
explanation of no more than three minutes. If you prefer to submit a separate audio file along
with the poster, please upload the audio file along with the poster before clicking the
submission button.

PowerPoint/ similar software may be used to design a poster.
Subject Code and Title HBC205- Human Biochemistry
Assessment Final poster with audio and visual presentation
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1500 words +/- 10% one PPT slide poster with audio-visual
Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the Subject learning Outcomes
outlined at the bottom of this document.
Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST Sunday end of Module 6.1 (Week 11)
Weighting 45%
Total Marks 100 marks
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Poster template and examples
• You may use the poster template provided in the Assessment 2 section in Blackboard, as
a guide to design your poster. Please note that this sample poster template is to be used
as an example only.
• You may use the following link to view examples of posters that have been designed to
explain scientific concepts:

Word count and layout
• Any content over the above stated word limit (1500 words +/- 10% one PPT slide
poster) may not be assessed.
• Reference is not included in the word count.
• Use of diagrams, figures and tables should be limited to two each. Please label all
tables and figures and refer to the label in the text. For example: ‘As shown in Figure
1 _’.
• Please use appropriate sub-headings to organise and structure the information.
• Relevant content, sub-headings including title, introduction, conclusion and the
reference list must be presented in a single slide.

• Referencing is mandatory.
• In-text citations as well as a reference list following the APA referencing style should
be included.
• A minimum of two and a maximum of ten references are required.
• Please refer to the Academic Writing Guide (APA 6th Ed.) in the Academic Skills page
on Blackboard:
• You may use any font size/type to match your poster’s needs. A small font size is
recommended for in-text referencing.

Audio presentation
• While the one slide poster should include all the relevant information regarding the
chosen topic, the 3 minutes audio presentation is still a mandatory component for
your final poster submission.
• For example, assume that you are a health care practitioner presenting a poster at a
conference. You are also competing in the ‘Best poster’ contest. A judge arrives at
your poster and seeks clarification on the content from you. What would you say in
three minutes about the poster? This is what you would record.

How to record a narrated presentation?
• The following link provides information to record a narrated presentation:
• You may record the audio using other means and may submit it as a separate audio
• Please ensure that you upload the audio file along with the final poster and then click

Please refer to the marking rubric to ensure you address all the assessment criteria.

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Submission Instructions
You need to submit the final poster with audio-visual presentation via the Assessment link within
assessment 2.
Uploading your audio-visual presentation:
Detail instructions on compressing (if necessary) and uploading your video presentation is available

The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can
be viewed in My Grades

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