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Fast Fashion Discussion Assignment

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Fast Fashion Discussion Assignment


I’ve included a rough draft of my working thesis on the Environmental Effects of Fast Fashion

Part 1.

I need a brief narrative (of around 500 words) where you discuss the Environmental Effects of Fast Fashion.

  • the working thesis you have settled on for your project
  • how you arrived at the topic
  • some of the other ideas you considered in your brainstorming activities
  • at least two reasons for choosing this topic (universal value + personal interest)
  • what initial library research you have conducted so far/what working knowledge you’ve gathered to date
  • what you hope to learn from researching this topic over the course of the semester

Part 2.

An Annotated Bibliography is a list of the sources you have found so far.

These sources should:

  • directly reflect your topic and working thesis
  • be current
  • demonstrate authority on the author’s part

Look for sources that will help you write, develop, and support your semester research project. Fast Fashion Discussion Assignment

For each source, you should include:

  • a full MLA citation as it would appear on your Works Cited page
    • refer to Content >> Guide A: Research and MLA, as needed
  • a summary, two to three sentences long, where you highlight the main argument of the source and the most important takeaways
  • in a sentence or two, an evaluation of the effectiveness and credibility of your source
  • a response of your reaction to the source and how you will use it in your writing or research project, in a sentence or two

Include all information for at least three sources.

The list should be in alphabetical order as it would be on your Works Cited page.


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