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Everything Is An Argument English Assignment

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Everything Is An Argument English Assignment


In the text, Everything’s an Argument, in chapter 1 read the following sections: Why We Make Arguments, Arguments to Convince and Inform, Arguments to Persuade, Arguments to Make Decisions, Arguments to Understand and Explore, Arguments about the Future and the Past, the Present, and the future, and Kinds of Arguments.

After you complete the readings, complete the following assignment,  In your own words, briefly describe what is an argument and why do we make them.  Describe the following arguments;  1)Arguments to Convince, 2) Arguments to Persuade, 3) Arguments to Inform, and 4) Arguments about the Present.  The text presents an approach called the stasis theory to categorize arguments. List the four stasis questions. How may you use the four questions to explore a topic of interest?

Your reading response should be typed in  Microsoft Word, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, minimum 2 page requirement.

Use APA format, double spacing


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