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European Imperialism Discussion Assignment

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5 to 6 sentences

The viewpoint of some is that European Imperialism was justified because it ultimately led to a better life for colonized peoples. (ch.24 “New Imperialism”)  Do you agree or disagree?  Support your stance. 

Reply to student discussion 3 sentences only 

I think that European Imperialism was not justified because it exploited the liberty of colonized peoples. 

European imperialism gave some advantages to colonized countries; they started to learn Western culture and liberalism, which later led to their own independence. It helped colonized people to be more modern and educated, being away from the tradition and pursuing a new Western idea of politics, economics, and materials.

On the other hand, European imperialism had negative effects on colonized peoples. As European countries colonized countries, they started to interfere with the affairs of the colonized countries. The colonized countries were getting lost thier sovereignty as one independent country. For the example of colonized country was Korea. At that time, Japan was extending their power near by countries , motivated by the European imperialism. When Japan occupied Korea, they established their government, interfered most of the affairs, and decided most important decisions; Korea lost their sovereignty. 

There was a clear advantage that imperialism could lead the modernization on the colonized countries quickly ,but they were eventually getting the modernization and revolution as the ideas were spreading in the world. No one can cure the memories of cruel domination when European colonies occupied there. 

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