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Ethics of Genetic Testing

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Please click on the following hyperlinks (or cut and paste in your browser) and view the videos:

After watching the 3 video segments and answer the following questions:

1.   Should we as a society allow genetic testing to be done on an embryo/fetus in utero (before birth)?  Why or why not?  Are there certain conditions/limitations that should be imposed?  Please explain your answer.

2.  If we as a society allowed/approved wider scale genetic testing in utero, who should have access to this testing?  Please explain.

3.  Should insurance pay for genetic testing?  Should terms/conditions be imposed?  Please explain.

4.  What do you think wide-spread genetic testing in utero would do to variation in the gene pool?  How do you think this would impact the human species?

5.  According to the Center for Genetics and Society over 40 countries have signed an agreement to prohibit the manipulation of genes for the purpose of producing “designer babies”.  The United States was not one of these countries.  Do you think we should be part of this agreement?  Why or why not?  Please explain.

6.  Based on the information above, would you ever consider using the results of genetic testing for     Embryo selection?  Why or why not?  Explain.

7.  Do you think laws should be passed to govern use of genetic testing?  Why or why not?  Explain.

8.  What part of this assignment was most difficult to understand?  Explain.

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