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Ethical Principles Research Proposal

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Ethical Principles Research Proposal


Research Proposal: Ethical Principles Assignment Instructions


The purpose of this assignment is to increase awareness of the ethical issues related to research. There are multiple ethical principles that must be considered when conduction a research study. In this assignment participant. protection is primary to understand. This goes beyond HIPPA as HIPPA related to patient medical issues and medical record privacy. A research proposal requires multiple other issues of privacy.


  1. Write a 2 – 4-page paper that includes the following:
    1. Explanation of the informed consent process for your research proposal. Even if your proposal qualifies for expedited review, you still must address informed consent specifically for your proposal.
    2. Description of how you will protect participant privacy. HIPPA is insufficient for a research proposal. Address protection of data and confidentiality.
    4. Review of the IRB process for your proposal.
    5. The risk benefit ratio for the participant in your proposed study.
  2. The page requirement excludes the title and reference pages.
  3. Utilize current APA format. Ethical Principles Research Proposal

A minimum of 2 scholarly references is required (excluding the textbook and Bible) to support/justify your topic and provide enough background information to make your idea(s) clear to the reader.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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