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Ethical Issues in World War I

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REFLECTIONS – Guidelines

Objectives: The objective of this course is to be able to appreciate ethical issues that are evident / generated in World War I.  Your reflection should demonstrate an understanding of ‘ethics’ in the context of World War I.  

The Reflection is:

  • personalized comment  (you can use “I”)
  • somewhere between an essay and a journal (use paragraphs but you don’t need to have an introduction, body and conclusion). 
  • designed to encourage you to explore your thoughts coherently and logically and to permit me to evaluate how the course content impacts on you.

Do’s and Don’t’s:

  • Don’t just NARRATE or DESCRIBE
  • Do try to understand an issue, phenomenon, etc.
  • Do try to present your views, thoughts and opinions

Topic: Put yourself in the place of a 16-20 year old sometime during 1914-1919. [Select a brief period during that 5 year span] and reflect on ethical implications of one aspect of World War I. You could choose to be in any country and on any continent. 

Form: You are expected to express yourself clearly and develop your ideas logically and coherently. Personal styles may vary.

Length: Minimum length, 500 words.  Maximum length should not exceed 1000 words.

Deadlines: Must be respected. No late work accepted.

Reflections (Word format) to be submitted using Dropbox by Monday 20th July.  

Draft work accepted till Monday 13th July. Send it in Word as a MIO attachment.

(Always retain a saved copy of your final submission.)

  • Format
    • Cover page not required. However, on the 1st page, ensure that your written submissions carry the following information:
  • your student number
  • 345-LBH, “Ethical Issues in World War I”
  • “Summer  2020”
  • ‘Reflection’
  • insert page numbers
  • double space
  • leave more space between paragraphs
  • new paragraph — indent 5 spaces
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