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Essential Communication Skills Assignment

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Essential Communication Skills Assignment

Comms 99 Assignment 3 Questions Prep

Provided here: SECTION A Questions (20m) Only

SECTION B (10m) not provided.
Analyze the infographic and answer the following questions. The infographic can be found on
our SLATE Course page> Content> Week 8> Climate Change Infographic for A3.

1. All media messages are constructed. Media can be used to represent many different
modes of social or cultural messages. In your own words (not personal experience or
opinion), tell us what is the main message of this infographic on climate change. (2m)
2. According to this infographic, what are some of the contributors to carbon dioxide
emissions? Explain in your own words. (3m)
3. What are some of the key impacts the infograph is suggesting according to each of
the scenarios? (3m)

4. Describe the most dire scenario presented by the info graph. (3m)
5. Briefly analyze how this infographic uses aesthetics (tone of voice, colour, graphics,
layout, etc.) to tell a story. What is the story told by this infographic? (3m)
6. Key phrases are two-to-five (2-5) word phrases that are associated with and specific to
your topic. When running a search, these phrases should be able to turn up the text in
question as a result. An example of a key phrase would be “Rising greenhouse
gases.” Come up with and list three key phrases associated with and specific to the
content of the infographic. (3m)
7. How can a reader verify that the information presented in this infographic is credible?
Should we trust the contents of this infographic? Explain your answer. (3m). APA FORMAT

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