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Essay Questions Discussion Assignment

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Essay Questions Discussion Assignment


doing 6 essays each one 100 words. You can choose these from your workplace, the newspapers or other media sources or the Fair Work Commission. In each essay you must 1. Explain the circumstances of the conflict/dispute
2. Use the theories in Chapter 1 to analyse the conflict/dispute and
3. Add your own view as to how the matter can be resolved.
You must include the details of the source of each dispute (date, name of media or other source)
Research the parties

Analyse the Dispute

Demonstrate Condliffe’s theory

You may choose any Federal Court decision involving a Workplace Dispute, here are some options

Leyonhjelm v Hanson-Young [2021] FCAFC 22

Defelice v Dettmer 2021 FCA 631

Wong V NAB 2021 FCA 671

Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE vs Barclay Federal Court or High Court matter

you may choose another decision if you like

What you need to include in the report is the following

1. Parties to the dispute

2. Details of the dispute

3. Positions of the parties

4 Outline of the issue of contention

5. obstacles in resolving the dispute identified by the Judge

6. Condliffe’s theory (or other theories) of how the dispute was managed prior to the Court intervention

7. Steps taken by the Court and how this fits with the theory

8. Outcome of dispute and your view on whether this was the best approach and fair to the parties.
I have attached example for one case if you need more information ask me please.


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