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Essay On What is Rhetoric

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In ancient Greece, a man’s success was largely defined by his oratorical ability to persuade, especially when it came to legal disputes. As early as 600 BCE, many young Grecian men were schooled in the art of rhetoric by pre-Socratic philosophers known as Sophists.

The art of rhetoric is very much alive and well in the 21st century,  and its uses in written, spoken, and visual language continues to be practiced, refined, analyzed, and studied.


Watch the video below, and reply to the following questions. Save as a Word Document and upload. 

1. Explain the impact rhetoric has had on decisions you have made, or the role rhetoric has played in decisions made by others in your life. (10 points)

2. What were the resulting outcomes? (10 points)

3. How could understanding rhetoric help you in the future? (10 points)

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