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Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS Epidemic

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Write a paragraph summary about the history and epidemiology of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Include the origin, spread, introduction into the United States and its current state in our society.  

****Discussion Forum Guidelines****

The weekly discussion forums are designed to enhance your understanding of the weekly topic as well as promote a robust discussion. Follow the guidelines in order to obtain full points for your participation.

  • Discussion posts must be a minimum of 250 words in length, not including citations
  • Use at least 1 citation from the peer-reviewed literature other than the textbooks from our class.
  • Use APA format for all citations. 
  • Discussion posts must be insightful, unique, and in relation to the weekly content.

***Discussion Forum Grading*** 

All of the following will result in an automatic zero for your discussion post

  • Late Work
  • Unoriginal Work (Refer to the academic guidelines)
  • Posts less than 250 words

All of the following will result in point deductions for your discussion post

  • Incorrect use of APA formatted citations 
  • Not addressing the prompt 
  • Failure to add original content or thoughts to the discussion 
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