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Elements of Living Systems Assignment

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BIOLOGY 150 Bell Writing Assignment #1-Conservation Biology (75 points)
 Electronic copy submitted to Turnitin on Blackboard by the designated due date.
I. Read the following:
 Chapter 31
 “Saving Sea Turtles” found in Chapter 31-Earth Watch (p. 546)
 “Queen of the Parasites” ENTIRE CASE STUDY found in Chapter 22 (pp. 347, 350, 361 and 363)
 “Can Coffee Save Songbirds?” ENTIRE CASE STUDY found in Chapter 30 (pp. 513, 520, 522, and 537)
 Review Nature of Science notes from first day of class
II. Use these resources to write a response to the following questions that is IN YOUR OWN WORDS:
 Even though extinction is a natural process, the rate at which it is happening at this time is much faster than that of the natural extinction

process. Begin the paper by briefly explaining the role of conservation biology and also why it is important to protect biodiversity, giving specific
examples from Chapter 31 of why we should do so. Be sure to exhibit an understanding of why this topic is essential to being a well-educated person
in today’s society. (20 points)
 Discuss the main causes of the decline in biodiversity and, in turn, describe some of the general ways recommended in Chapter 31 to protect
habitat and increase sustainability. Explain why these methods are probably some of the best methods for success. (15 points)
 Describe how “Queen of the Parasites”, “Saving Sea Turtles”, and “Can Coffee Save Songbirds?” include specific examples of projects to save
biodiversity, and explain, from these, why it is very important for local communities to be involved in conservation efforts. (15 points)
 In addition, explain ways conservation biology relates to other disciplines outside of science. (5 points)
 Conclude by considering what social and ethical implications must be considered when addressing conservation biology (Examples of social
implications may include the impact on policy, business, community structure, economics etc. Ethical implications deal with the
overall moral impact of the topic on society.) (5 points).
 How is science limited in the social and/or ethical application of conservation biology? In other words, what questions or concerns about this
topic is science able to answer and what questions or concerns can science NOT answer? In addressing this question, it may be helpful to refer
back to the answer to #4. Your response should demonstrate your understanding of what makes science unique from other disciplines. (5
III. Format of paper:
 Use your best writing skills to write this paper just as if you were in a writing class! I will be grading content but also your writing ability!
 This paper should be approximately 4 pages—typed in 12 pt font and double spaced with 1 inch margins.
 Most importantly, you should be sure you answer all six of the above bullets thoroughly. To do so, you will need at least 1-2 well developed
paragraphs for each one.
 Since I know what readings your responses will be coming from, you do not need to cite the sources throughout the paper with author or date,
to for specific details! )

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