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Electromagnet Spectrum Discussion Assignment

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Scientist can use telescopes to look at stars billions of light years away.  Using the ‘images’ they gather from stars and planets, scientists are able to determine the size, temperature and mass of the star or planet.  Also, they can determine the chemical composition, specifically if there is water and organic (carbon-based) materials.  The technology required to do this goes well beyond your typical Wal-Mart telescope.  Scientists don’t just use telescopes like we are used to, those based on visible light, they also use ‘telescopes’ that use other forms of light.  Some notable examples are x-ray and radio-wave telescopes.  

For this paper, I want you to write about how some of the information can be used to find water on other planets.  What type of telescopes and what forms of light are being used?  What are the key pieces of information they are looking form (the signature clues that water is present)?

You may need to break your paper into the following parts, though they are not required:

An explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum and the relationship between frequency/energy/wavelength

The types of telescopes that can be used to detect water and what makes them so special

The characteristic readings that scientists are looking for.


Your paper must be 5-7 pages, not including the citations page.  Double spaced is fine.  

A citations page is required and must contain at least two references from scientific journals (accessible through the library webpage, email if you need help)

Any format is fine (MLA, APA, etc..) just be consistent

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