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Effective Communication and The Nurse Patient Relationship

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Select one (1) topic from those listed below
Topic 1.
Effective communication and the nurse-patient relationship are known to be important in the provision of person-centred care. Select two (2) of the
following communication and nurse-patient relationship concepts listed below, and discuss how they are important to person-centred care:
a/ professional boundaries
b/ inclusive nursing practice
c/ assertive communication
d/ therapeutic communication

Topic 2.
The Clinical Reasoning Process is important in providing appropriate and timely nursing care. Identify and discuss two (2) benefits of using the Clinical
Reasoning Process within nursing practice.
Topic 3.
A person’s view of health influences their behaviour in relation to health and illness (Berman et al., 2012, p. 341). Identify two (2) factors that can influence a
person’s view on health and illness and discuss why these are relevant to nursing practice.
Instructions for students:
This assignment is an essay and it is expected that it will be presented in academic essay format with an introduction, linked paragraphs and a conclusion. Your essay needs
to be written in third person, and needs to be referenced using APA referencing conventions (including in-text citations and an alphabetised reference list. You should
demonstrate that you have used a wide range of relevant literature from credible academic sources such as peer reviewed journals and academic nursing texts.
You must submit an electronic copy of your assignment via Turnitin (located on the LMS). Emailed submissions will NOT be accepted. Your essay must be spaced with 1.5 or
double line spacing and using a font size of 11 or 12. The title page must include the Subject Code, Student Name and number, the topic chosen, the total word count
(excluding reference list). Please observe the essay word limit is 1500 words (+/- 10%). Essays received that exceed or are below this word limit will be penalised at the rate
of 5 marks for every further 10% (or part thereof) over or above the specified word limit.
The marker will examine essays by assessing whether the student has addressed the question directly, has clearly ordered their thoughts and arguments, has supported
their arguments with reference to current academic literature, and has followed academic writing conventions. Please see the rubric marking guide to further understand
how the essays will be assessed.

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