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Education Assignment

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Education Assignment


Several children between the ages of 4 and 13 from the local elementary school are in the ER following a school bus accident caused by a fierce thunder and lightning storm. After receiving treatment for minor cuts and bruises, many children are still in the ER because parents are having a difficult time getting through the storm. What should you know about play and developmental theory when trying to provide appropriate interventions?


Our focus this week is on domestic violence and its effect on children and families. Patrick Stewart talks about his childhood experiences. (Amnesty International UK, 2009). The transcript of the video is attached below.

Provide a detailed comment on what struck you personally as important in the video.  Incorporate material from our readings and outside sources that would support and align with your views on this topic.

  • Align your posting to the discussion rubric and make sure you support your writing with facts.  Your writing cannot be solely opinion.
  • Do not copy the question back into your reply.


Amnesty International UK ( 2009, October 9) Patrick Stewart on violence against women. Retrieved from


Plagiarism and serious ethical lapses do not just occur in college papers; there are social and financial consequences to plagiarism and ethical misdeeds in the real world (CO4). Please review the following cases that have serious ethical issues:


Choose one of the above examples and answer the following:

  • Describe the plagiarism or unethical behavior that occurred.
  • What was the outcome of this plagiarism or unethical behavior?
  • Find another example of real-world plagiarism and share it with the class.


What makes it so we are afraid to be alone with ourselves as Nietzsche and/or Freud explain concerning the herd mentality?



Movie theaters, airlines, and other businesses often charge customers different prices based on time of the day, age, and purchase dates. Why?

Provide an example of price discrimination from your personal experience that you thought was unfair. Do you still believe this price discrimination is unjustifiable?


How do governance processes contribute to identifying early warning signals of potential issues with the organization’s sustainability and crisis management?

What should stakeholders do if they believe that the management is ignoring warning signals? Education Assignment.



You are a news reporter in charge of finding hot topics concerning citizens and their rights. As part of your job duties and responsibilities, you are to research and find an interesting and recent (within the past two years) Constitutional issue and/or case to present as headline news.

Pretend that your boss wants you to host a Constitutional law professor from the local law school as part of a live news broadcast.  What do you think that your viewers want to know about your selected Constitutional issue?  How do you think that your guest professor can elaborate so as to provide a more enlightening special feature broadcast to your viewers?  For purposes of this Discussion, rely on the insights that you have learned from this course as a substitute for the knowledge that you anticipate the guest professor will share during the broadcast.

Please share the Q&A that you expect will be the outline for the broadcast.  Be sure to identify the Amendment(s) or Section(s) of the Constitution that is and/or are at issue, as well as any other legal resources (including, but not limited to case law) upon which your hypothetical guest professor may rely.



  1. What is the purpose and value of standardized data sets?
  2. How do they assist with healthcare statistics and research?


After watching the TEDx Talk and reflecting on what you have learned throughout this course, explore how the widespread adoption of digital technologies raises important ethical issues in healthcare.  Discuss 2-3 of the ethical issues/challenges surrounding digital technologies in healthcare and explain why the issues/challenges you selected are important to consider.


Jamil arrived a year ago with his mother, father, and older sister Sara from Syria. While Jamil is just four, he loves being involved in anything he can do with his six-year-old sister. Jamil’s family speaks Aramaic and Arabic at home but both parents are taking English classes. Based on concerns about Jamil’s speech and language development, his pediatrician suggested that Jamil’s language and social-emotional development would benefit greatly from a preschool program. Jamil is now attending a local preschool program and is beginning to connect with other children and communicate with his teacher and peers. He has developed a tremendous interest in blocks and builds tall and elaborate structures. Jamil’s teacher has noticed that introducing and reinforcing concepts in a sequence (e.g., in a cooking activity) supports his receptive and expressive language. To support carryover, Jamil’s teacher has shared ideas about how to support his developing language skills at home. They’ve suggested games and routine activities that would be great ways to give him additional opportunities to practice his evolving language skills. His parents have expressed reluctance to do this as they have shared that it is not customary for adults to play with children in their family. If you were the teacher in the classroom, what games and activities would you suggest, and how would you handle the families’ reluctance in a culturally appropriate way?  Discuss with peers. APA FORMAT.


explain why teaching social competence is important. Have you tried to help a child whose behavior was like the one described in this chapter? What strategies did you use? What are the influences on children’s ability or inability to resolve conflict?

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