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Economics for Managers Assignment

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Economics for managers Assignment

MBA 6053-19N-2A22-S2, Economics for Managers

Book:  Managerial Economics

Hello! This is the Unit VI Introduction. It’s important to submit quality work with proper APA formatting/citation. In this unit, you will learn about such items as expected value, auctions, collusion, bid rigging, and irrational behavior.

Please consider reviewing,gain%20an%20unfair%20market%20advantage      and    .

Please submit your Unit VI work on time. It’s important to make substantive discussion posts in the Unit VI Discussion Board and submit a detailed Unit VI Essay assignment.

Discussion Board Question:  Identify a situation that involves making decisions using expected value, and detail the different options, expectations, and payouts. Discuss the risks involved with those expectations and, if applicable, the payouts. Include in your discussion an explanation of how to determine how much information to gather to minimize uncertainty. Finally, explain which decision should be made. Economics for managers Assignment

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