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Economics for Business MOD3327 Assignment

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Economics for Business MOD3327 Assignment

Task 1

Between September and October 2022, UK inflation increased from 10.1% to 11.1%. Identify three or four main causes
of UK inflation during this period. (LO1 & LO2) Provide three or four recommendations to BOTH the UK government (three or four recommendations) and the Bank of England (three or four recommendations) to curb inflation without triggering a recession. Provide graphs, data, and academic sources to support your arguments (LO3). Economics for Business MOD3327 Assignment

Task 2

Think of a product or service. Draw a supply and a demand curve for said product or service. Decrease the supply of said product or service by 20% and increase the demand for said product or service by 15%. Draw and explain your new demand and supply curve. Label your axes.(L03)

In order to achieve full marks, you must submit your work before the deadline. Work that is submitted late – if your work is submitted on the same day as the deadline by midnight, your mark will receive a 10% penalty. If you submit your work up to TWO working days after the published submission deadline – it will be accepted and marked. However, the element of the module’s assessment to
which the work contributes will be capped at a maximum mark of 40%.

• Work cannot be submitted if the period of 2 working days after the deadline has passed (unless there is an approved extension). Failure to submit within the relevant period will mean that you have failed the assessment.

• Requests for short-term extensions will only be considered in the case of illness or other cause considered valid by the Director of Studies Team. A request must generally be received and agreed upon by the Director of Studies Team in writing at least 24 hours prior to the deadline. Students will need to provide evidence to support their extension request.

• Exceptional Circumstances: The deadline for submission of exceptional circumstances in relation to this assignment is no later than five working days after the submission date of this work. Please contact the Director of Studies


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