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Dismantling Racism Journal Entry

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Journal Entry

In this journal entry, I will discuss how the term is going on and also discuss how racism can be dismantled. I thought that managing the course will be so hard for me but I am reading thoroughly and getting the grades I wanted.

I think that ethics entail interaction among people and they assist us in differentiating between what is right and wrong. By using ethics, I have also learned on how to handle different life situations and this has helped be to become a more rational person.

This term is going well with me because I have managed to score good marks in most of my assignments and that is encouraging to me. I have also managed to expand my thinking towards business ethics since we have done a lot in the course

Dismantling racism project- The world we live today is in the midst of social and economic crisis. Systemic racism is in the heart of the latter. During the COVID-19 outbreak, black people and people of color lost their jobs at a higher rate than the whites. If we have to create a solution for this, we have to dismantle systematic racism by re-structuring the systems and allow them to perpetuate (Latrina, 2020).

The first step we can take in dismantling systemic racism is through redistribution for reconstruction. The systems and departments need to balance between law and order and the welfare programs (Latrina, 2020). The minimal purchase of military equipment for police, I think fewer people will be put in jails and the police will be in a better place to serve the citizens instead of arresting them. The latter could also fund reconstruction of the black community so that they are not highly prone to social and economic shocks.

I think the funds freed from the overpowerful police departments could be used to improve healthcare, educations and housing to people of color. This will give more opportunities to people of color and black Americans.


Latrina, V. H. (2020). How we can start dismantling systemic racism. The Washinton Post, 1-5.

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