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Discussion On Individual And Group Coverage

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 1) Discuss the differences between individual coverage and group  coverage, fully insured plans and self-funded plans, and single  coverage and family coverage.

2) Summarize the main requirements of the PPACA. Do you think that  the government should require that everyone has health insurance?  Explain your answer.

3) Summarize three broad health-care plan design alternatives.

4) Describe the principles of fee-for-service plans and managed care  plans. What are the similarities and differences?

5) Describe the consumer-driven approach and explain the role that  spending accounts or arrangements play in this approach.

6) Prior to the enactment of workers’ compensation laws, injured  employees could choose not to pursue compensation, or they could  file a lawsuit. List and briefly define the three common-law  defenses that employers could mount to earn liability.

7) Briefly discuss the origins of disability insurance and workers’  compensation insurance programs in the US.  

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