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Discussion Of Sampling Technique

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Discussion Of Sampling Technique


Discuss the following questions which relate to sampling technque

  1. Sampling technique: Pick a sampling technique discussed in the textbook. In your own language, explain the process of applying this method, in what situation it can be used, and its strengths/weaknesses. Give an example of where you can use this method in your work or life: specify the population, sampling technique, and sample.
  2. Go to gov (Links to an external site.)at this site. Explain the purpose of the Census and why we are required to conduct a census in the USA. Why is a census accurate. Would sampling be better? Explain how homeless people are counted in the census. What would you say to someone who says sampling is better than a census.?
  3. If your data is skewed, as opposed to normally distributed, how might that affect either the validity or reliability of your study?

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