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Discussion Jk1 3 Assignment

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Think about a situation in the past when you witnessed a child being spoken to disrespectfully by an adult. Some settings might include: at a school, store, or park/playground.

In your initial post, describe the situation. Given what you know about the benefits of speaking to children respectfully, what could you have said in that situation if you had been the adult? Provide at least two (2) “I” messages you could use to communicate with the child in this situation. How can this method of communication support the situation to result in a positive outcome?

Review the posts made by your classmates. Choose at least one (1) where you feel that another alternative might work more effectively. Explain the alternative and give a reason as to why you think it would be effective. Additionally, if an “I” message provided isn’t quite an “I” message, give your classmate another suggestion of how they can phrase it.

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