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Digital Marketing Plan Discussion

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Assume a role of an e-commerce consultant. Your client is a local pet store. The mission of the business is to “enrich the lives of pets and their families”. The store is planning to start selling its beds for pets through its website and social media marketing. They are targeting mostly female customers in the US, 45 – 60 years old, who have an interest in pets.

Outline your client’s e-commerce / digital marketing plan by answering the questions below:

QUESTION 1 (up to 400 words): Which two social media platforms (channels) would you recommend to your client? Why? Support your recommendations with research.

QUESTION 2 (up to 400 words):  Keeping in mind your answer to the previous question, provide recommendations for your client’s content social media content strategy.

QUESTION 3 (up to 400 words): Assume that your client has advertised their products through Google Ads during the last thirty days.  You now want to gain more insights into the client’s campaign.

a)   What are the most important metrics that are normally used to assess the historical effectiveness of various ads and keywords used in advertising campaigns?  Which three of these metrics would you recommend to your client?

b)   How would you choose the best landing pages that have been used in your client’s campaign? What metrics/tools would you use to choose the best landing page?


  • Please make sure not to go over the above specified maximum word count. 
  • Before answering any question, make sure to conduct online research to better understand the best practices, trends and/or important stats as it relates to the question.
  • It is advisable to provide several images in the body of the text (in Word file). 
  • You may also want to provide an Appendix with max 3 additional pages (only charts, tables, images).
  • Need references and follow APA 7.
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