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Digital Economy BUS301 Assignment

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 The assignment is an Individual assignment.

If it is believed that a student has copied material from another student or any other source without appropriate referencing, the necessary action will be taken under the Institute’s Student Academic Integrity and Honesty Misconduct Policy.

If you need to apply for an extension, please email the Unit Coordinator XXX: Insert Unit Coordinator Email here to explain the circumstances and attach all necessary supporting documentation.

Late penalties will be applied for assignments submitted after midnight on the due date without an approved extension. More details on late penalties are provided in the Unit outline.

Task: Presentation and Summary

Each student is required to prepare a 1000-words summary proposing the ways in which digital businesses might be conducted in the future. This could be written on the same company chosen for Assessment 2 (Gap analysis). Also, based on the summary, each student is required to make a 5-minute presentation with voice recording.

Summary (in MS word)- 20 marks

Presentation (in MS PPT) – 10 marks

Total marks – 30. Refer to the marking rubrics (next page) for more details.

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