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Deviance and Social Control Relationship

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What is the Relationship between Deviance and these four (4) Concepts? 

A) Define each concept: 

a. Deviance, Social Control, Conformity, Compliance, Obedience 

B) Do you see any relations between Deviance and the topics we have covered (i.e. Culture, 

Social groups, and/or Socialization). What relations do you see?

Deviance and Culture

Deviance and Social Groups

Deviance and Socialization 

C) What are the Similarities and differences between deviance and the concepts below! 

1- Deviance and Social Control

a. Similarity

b. Difference

2- Deviance and conformity

a. Similarity

b. Difference

3- Deviance and Compliance

a. Similarity

b. Difference

4- Deviance and Obedience 

a. Similarity

b. Difference

D) Why would it be important for people in Society to understand the relationship between 

“Deviance” and the last four concepts? 

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