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Developing Research Questions

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This paper requires you to create research questions based upon the literature review and annotated bibliography research.

1.      Think about your current understanding (working theory) of a research issue of interest to you in the criminal justice field (here again is where the previous Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography assignments will help you). What important concepts are part of this research interest and how do they relate? Begin a search of the relevant literature.

2.      Develop three to five research questions that help to focus your topic. List possible aspects of the conceptual context that would guide a literature review if you were to do one.

3.      Create a research statement (if you have not done so already) and create five to ten open-ended interview questions for your own research project. Pilot the questions with a classmate, asking her or him to pretend that she or he is one of your participants. Work together to reshape the questions. Then pilot the questions with someone who has had experiences similar to your research population or ask the questions of a research participant who is willing to collaborate with you on developing your questions. Reshape the questions again after reflecting upon what worked, what did not, and what new questions arose.

4.      Be sure to write down the answers to those questions (you will need them for another upcoming assignment).

Assignment Specifics:

1.      Write an introduction about the assignment

2.      Write at least two paragraphs with their research statement embedded. These paragraphs should also be supported with credible academic sources

3.      Write at least one supportive paragraph before listing the research questions

4.      Write at least one supportive paragraph before listing the interviewing questions

5.      Write at least a one paragraph conclusion

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