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Developing and Designing Offers

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Prepared for Direct Marketing – Richard Hampshire


Based on your learnings to date both within this class as well as prerequisite courses, please complete

the following assignment individually. The report should be written in report form. You can use bullet

points for lists but otherwise your reasoning should be delivered in paragraph form. In cases where you

use external sources for information you must source where you have collected the information from.


2020 was a difficult year around the globe for many industries.  Many industries saw closures, reduced demand and a change of consumer preferences.  One industry that was hit hard was the restaurant industry.  

This is where you come in.  You will be working to help drive sales at Lancaster Smokehouse.  You can choose to either focus on in-person dining or take-out/Curbside pickup orders. 

Please make sure you visit the website for your client to learn about who they are, what branding they use and to get a feel for who they currently target and what menu options they offer. 

The client is open to take your suggestion on what age group, gender, ethnicity and/or level of household income they should target.  They want you to pick a group that you believe you will have the highest success rate with and the group that you believe will continue to be a reliable customer for them for a longer term.

You will be promoting either in person dining or take-out/curb side pickup.  Please do not promoted delivery service options such as Door Dash or Skip the Dishes as using those services cuts in to our profits:

Your overall goal will be to gain 150 new customers for the restaurant.   Ideally these customers will make a purchase in March but then also make purchases in the future as well.


  1. Determine a viable target market to focus your attention on.  Prepare a full target market profile and then in one paragraph explain why this is the best market to focus on
  2. Create a direct mail piece that you feel would be effective in meeting the objectives laid out by the client. Please ensure that you create all aspects of the direct mail piece (letter, insert(s) and envelope as applicable).  Take in to consideration what will be appealing to your target market, the message you need to convey and what you believe will motivate your target market to react to your direct mail piece.
  3. Outline how many people you will send your direct mail piece to and their location (gathered from an EAG-Canada spreadsheet provided).  Include an appendix which shows your sorting of the EAG-Canada spreadsheet
  4. Provide an overview of what it will cost to send the piece that you created out

Submit a full proposal via the dropbox provided by Feb 11th 6pm. No late assignments will be accepted.

Your proposal should include the documents in 2 files:

  • A PDF of your report
    • Includes Target Market, Defending Paragraph, a PDF of your Envelope design, a PDF of your letter and any inserts you are proposing, Budget and Sources in APA format
  • An Excel file of your EAG-Canada Results.
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