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Developing A Promotional Message

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Developing A Promotional Message


The Professional Experience assignments have been designed to help prepare you for communicating in a professional work setting. When you are writing in the workplace, it is essential to make sure that you carefully follow any specific directions you receive. Sending poorly formatted or poorly written communications to managers or coworkers is not something you want to do! To earn full credit, make sure you complete all elements and follow the instructions exactly as written. Assignments that follow directions as written will receive full credit.If you submit your Professional Experience assignment before the due date and you are not satisfied with your grade, you may resubmit it one time before the due date for a new grade.For this Professional Experience, you will develop a promotional message. This can be an e-mail, letter, infographic, image, or any other relevant material that explains why students should take a professional communications course.


  • Choose the application you want to use to develop your promotional message (Word, PowerPoint, etc.). Your message should take the form of a block letter, e-mail, flyer, poster, or similar and not just be a paragraph on a page with no context.
  • Create your message and be sure to follow this file naming convention when saving your file:
    • LastName_PE5_Promotion
      • Example: Smith_PE5_Promotion


  • Develop a promotional message consisting of one content page that explains why students should take a professional communications course.
  • Make sure that your submission takes the form of a block letter, e-mail, flyer, or poster.
  • Use friendly, professional language and tone in your message.
  • Check that you have saved all changes and confirm that your file name follows the naming convention: LastName_PE5_Promotion.
  • Submit your completed promotional message file for your instructor’s review to this Week 9 Professional Experience Promotional Message assignment by the deadline.

use APA format, double spacing

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