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Develop Change Management Plan

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Task 1: Develop Change Management Plan

Change Management Plan Template

Executive summary

<< Provides a basic overview of the change management plan >>

Strategic objectives

<< Lists the strategic objectives of the organisation >>

ICT system changes

<< Document what ICT change(s) are occurring to implement the change. This should include a full list of the hardware and software components>>


<< Document the tasks that need to be completed including the responsibility of each task. A work breakdown structure (WBS) should be used to sequentially list the tasks, how long each will take, and who will be responsible for each task. >>


<< Document a breakdown of the financial cost for implementing the change(s). Each component should be financially broken down including hardware/software costs and including the human resources based  on the WBS >>

Task 2. Develop and Action Plan

Develop an action plan to implement the changes using the Change Management Plan, and the ICT Recommendations Report you have developed, as well as the scenario as a guide.

You also need to follow organisational project manager policy and procedures to complete the task.

You should implement the Action Plan using the following organisational template which is a component of the organisations Project Management Policy and procedures.

Action Plan Template

ActionResponsibilityTimelineImplementation ResourcesCompleted (Y/N)
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