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Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Assignment

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The state crime lab has contracted AB Investigative Services (ABIS) to prepare a forensic plan to ensure that current problems with computer forensic investigations are erased and training is provided. 

An initial ABIS audit shows that many areas of the lab are not prepared to conduct extensive computer forensic evidence collection. You have been asked to prepare a set of recommendations on how to handle the following areas and related problems:

  • Forensic plan and policy adherence: How will the investigator and the lab ensure proper QA and QC over computer forensic products? 
  • Order of volatility: How do we deal with suppliers, distributors, and end-consumers? Do we offer special pricing to different customer sets? 
  • Inventory and warehouse management: How do we handle returns? 
  • Customer service: How will customers communicate with us? 
  • Security and privacy: How do we protect our intellectual property and customer data? 
  • Technology: Should we outsource any applications/functions? What new technology applications are required to accommodate e-business? 

The aforementioned questions are intended to get you started, but consider other challenges within each area that could be addressed. 

Individual Portion:

Each member of the team should research one of the topics from the assignment description and make several key recommendations for his or her area. Apply your learning in technology coursework, personal experience, and Internet research to make recommendations in each of these areas. Where you do not have sufficient background information from the case study, you may make assumptions—as long as they are stated and supported. 

My chosen topic is: Security and privacy: How do we protect our intellectual property and customer data?

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