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Cyber Security Research Paper Assignment

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Students will choose a topic relevant to CyberSecurity and submit it for approval then write a 2-3 page research paper. Your paper must be typed using MLA Documentation Style. Your paper must be in 12 size Font and double space. Your paper should have at least 2-3 references including at least one reference from the textbook, newspaper, or some other source other than the Internet. If you are using Internet resources make sure your Internet resources are reliable. Any information or opinion in your written work that is derived from, or quoted directly or indirectly from a primary or secondary source (including the Internet), must be correctly cited in a footnote, or endnote. Failure to cite your source of information is called plagiarism and carries the consequence not only of a failing grade on the Term Paper but also the possibility of failing the course and of expulsion from the university. Send a Course Message or Email to your Professor with the chosen topic. 

Examples of Topics to choose from (not limited to this list):

1. Cybersecurity of biometric authentication

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