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Customer Services Discussion Assignment

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Describe an experience where you experienced poor customer service as a result of logistics within a supply chain.  Was the problem due to:

  • poor communication,
  • lack of convenience, 
  • lack of dependability, or
  • some combination of these factors?

a)Were timing, order processing, product condition, and/or poor documentation part or parts of the problem?

b)Did a specific delivery method have an impact on your level of satisfaction?  If so why?

c)Did social media come into play?  If so, how? 

d)How could have logistics been better managed, so you would have had a positive rather than a negative experience?

2- Go to to check out current popular logistics software.  Look at what different applications offer; then,

a)identify the software you investigated,

b)what do you see as its main benefits to a business and why?

3- Choose one of the following prompts and respond to it (pretend that you are providing this information to someone who knows nothing about these subjects). (Do not simply copy information from your text or another source.  Use your own words to answer the prompts.)

a)Why would a business choose to outsource its logistics processes? Give at least three examples of why a business would outsource a specific process.

b)Explain SWOT and TOWS analyses and how they are used.

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