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Current Event Presentation Assignment

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Assigned is an article to review followed by some instructions regarding how to specifically analyze the article. Each submission must contain at least two references to substantiate the responses provided. One of the references must be the course textbook. Remember references should be accompanied by their corresponding citations in the body of the writing. When inserting references and their corresponding citations, students should follow APA format.

Current Events Presentation 2 must be in MS PowerPoint and there must be a minimum of 6 slides. Of the 6, there will be one cover slide (at the beginning), and one reference slide (at the end).

Slide criteria: 

  • Slides should contain some kind of design. Simple black text on a white background is not acceptable. 
  • Each slide should contain a photo or graph so coincide with its text. 
  • A grammar or spell check should be conducted prior to submission. 
  • Text on the slides should be listed in a bulleted/list format, not huge paragraph chunks. There should be a minimum of 5 bulleted items pers slide (but there can be more).

Review this article: (Links to an external site.)

  • The mandatory slides to be included are: 
  • 1. cover, 
  • 2. a summary of the article,
  • 3. Problems (identify two core problems causing the situations in the article), 
  • 4. Proposed Resolution (what can be done to resolve the two core problems mentioned), at least one concept from the course textbook must be leveraged in this section 
  • 5. Closing (briefly summarizing everything that has been stated) and what future research could possibly be conducted to further help assure these types of issues do not occur again. 
  • 6. References
  • Be sure not to over-complicate this submission; follow the slide sequence provided.
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