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Current Economic Environment Discussion

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 Why do different kinds of bonds have different levels of interest rates (explain in detail)? Why do interest rates increase and decrease over time (explain in detail)? Describe in detail the yield curve and the expectation hypothesis. What does the yield curve look like in the current economic environment? If the yield curve is steep, how would that affect your borrowing and investing decisions?

Describe a bond. Describe yield to maturity and yield to call. Describe the relationship between bond prices and market interest rates. Describe the risks with investing in bonds. Describe how a bond investor can lose money. What 4 variables do you input into your financial calculator to compute yield to maturity and yield to call? Describe a sinking fund. Discuss a recent bond offering by a corporation (google one and read about it).

Describe expected return and holding period return in detail. What is the historical average annual holding period return for a stock and a bond? Describe risk and standard deviation in detail. Describe how risk and return are related? Describe the benefits of diversification in detail. Describe market risk and beta in detail. Describe CAPM and SML in detail. Describe why a risk averse person would still invest in the stock market? You are 22 years old and just landed your first job after college, describe how you would invest for retirement using the concepts from this chapter.

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