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CSR and Sustainability Case Study

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Final Case Study Scenario_ Swensen Bags Inc. Social Entrepreneurship


For your final assessment, you will apply and integrate the concepts of Hopkins CSR model studied throughout the term to a case study scenario related to the development of corporate socially responsible action by Swensen Bags Inc.

Your role as a key company Executive is to build a business case for action. You need to consider the pro and con arguments for recommended actions. Refer to the 15-step implementation plan guide covered in Week 13 and ensure you have considered each step in you paper discussions as you answer the key questions. Apply your own critical thinking and go beyond text book definitions to show your understanding and grasp of the course concepts.

You should take on the role of one of the Executive(s) assigned by Swensen to come up with a plan. Remember, Swensen is ready to commit $1 million to some charitable enterprise. If you do not think the one-for-one approach is a good idea, give an example of project that you feel would represent a better use of the money as an alternative and answer the same key questions listed below. 


Read the case and answer the key questions and information to provide:

  1. Provide, in your words, your definition of CSR now that you have completed the course and discuss how this has or has not changed since Assignment #1. (Weeks 1–3)  (3 marks)
  • Develop a stakeholder map for this initiative using the stakeholder template provided below. You must identify a minimum of five key stakeholders. Your stakeholder list should include a minimum of 3 direct stakeholders; a minimum of 2 indirect stakeholders.  (Weeks 5–6)(15 marks total – 3 marks for each correct stakeholder)
  • Discuss and explain the 3_P model basic elements and relate them to the case with examples from the case (Week 9).
  • Principles of social responsibility;
  • Process of social responsiveness.
  • Products or outcomes of social responsibility.   
  • How will you measure the success of your plan by addressing the following:  (Weeks 10–11).
  1. what specific measurements would you recommend;
  2. what are the standards and tools you would recommend? (12 marks – 6 marks each for part a and b).
  • You will review the 15-step implementation plan checklist (included below), and provide evidence and comments for each step to show that you considered it in your paper discussion for this initiative. (Week 13)(45 marks – 3 marks each for providing evidence of each step – 15 x 3)
  • Overall paper format, grammar, citations & references (10 marks)
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