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Cross-Cultural Counseling Assignment

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Mid-Term Project Module 4

Assignment Instructions

Select a term or concept that is frequently used in the literature in the field of cross-cultural counseling. Conduct an exhaustive literature search, using at least 4 sources (one of which can be your textbook) on the definition and use of the term. Students have the freedom to format the definition in a style that best suits their background (teaching, administration, higher education, etc.), expertise and interests. However each student must provide information that answers the following:

  • Where did the term come from?
  • What are the alternative definitions?
  • What is the preferred definition and why?
  • What one or two primary sources can one go to find out more about the term?

The meaning of some terms changes over time so you may want to consider providing a short historical perspective in writing the definition. Definitions should be typed and double-spaced throughout. Your assignment should be limited to about 2 pages (maximum of 350 – 400 words). The cover page and the reference page are not included in the 2-page requirement. APA style guidelines should be used with reference citations.

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