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Critical Thinking Questions Assignment

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 Answer the questions below:

 1. How can word choice convey bias?

2. How is the term viewpoints defined?

3. Why is the term viewpoint far more than a synonym for the word opinion?

4. Explain the difference between a conscious and unconscious viewpoint.

5. Explain the difference between egocentrism and ethnocentrism.  (Do Discussion Questions one through four on pages 202-203)

6. Viewpoints may be hidden in news framing.  How are we able to discern the viewpoint of a publication or television station or program?  Why is it valuable, as a critical reader or TV viewer, to be able to characterize or label their viewpoints?

7. Define propaganda and describe some propaganda that you were able to recognize.  How did you recognize it? USE APA FORMAT, FONT 12,GIVE 2 REFERENCES MINIMUM

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