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Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools

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  1. Read the Introduction and Elements of Thought chapter in The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools. Be prepared to reference the information in this resource in both your initial response and interactions with the class. You must apply what you are reading to the discussion. 
  2. Consider a topic of interest for your upcoming blog and article you will be writing.
  3. Write an initial response to the following prompts in a minimum of 300 words:
    1. Identify your topic of interest. 
    2. Explain why critical thinking is important to your topic of interest and how it will help you better understand your research.   
    3. Apply the Elements of Thought to your topic and begin to hypothesize the information you could encounter as you explore each element.   
  4. Post your initial response by the end of day 4 of the workshop. 
  5. Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings, as well as any follow-up instructor questions directed at you, by the end of the workshop. 
  6. Your postings are interactions with your classmates and instructor that should facilitate engaging dialogue and provide evidence of critical thinking. You must reference the concepts from the reading in this discussion. The following are ways you can engage in scholarly dialogue and expand learning around the concept(s) in this discussion:
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