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Critical Thinking Comprehensive Questions

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You are to write a COMPREHENSIVE APA statement including knowledge you gained from the Read and Attend throughout the course (including Unit 5) to address the questions and statements below. 

1000 words

3 scholarly sources

For support formatting, the APA analysis 

  •  Discuss the elements of strategic thinking and how these elements can be used as creative problem-solving in an organizational environment. 
  •  Discuss rising above egocentrism and what one must do in order to achieve this? 
  •  Discuss the qualities of an accomplished thinker and how one would achieve this cognitive process. 
  •  How do emotional impulses impact the critical thinking process?
  •  How would you integrate the standards of critical thinking into your current thought process?

Elder, Linda, and Richard Paul Critical Thinking. Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 2020. [Savant Learning Systems].

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