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Crisis Management Assessment Paper

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Crisis Vulnerability Assessment 

Please write 6 pages

You will select a tourism or hospitality organization with which you are familiar. My recommendation is that you choose an organization you know well, or one that is in the field you are interested in so that this assignment and the Crisis Management Plan can be most meaningful and relevant to you. Please choose a global hotel chain. This assignment is part of most crisis management plans, and will form part of your Crisis Management Plan assignment. A vulnerability assessment is also one of the steps necessary to convince leadership in your organization to adopt a crisis management plan.

For this assignment you will create a PowerPoint presentation. (You may use other presentation software provided it can be viewed by the instructor and class community.)

For the presentation content, your objective is to identify an organization’s vulnerabilities. 

For the recorded presentation, your objective is to concisely and persuasively explain why the risks you identify as top possibilities are a high risk for your organization. Chapter 4 and 5 provide context for this assignment. 

There are a number of steps you will go though to produce your presentation. It should be at least five and no more than ten slides, and five to seven minutes long. 

  1. Provide an introduction to your chosen industry or organization. Explain what the industry/organization is about, and what it does.
  2. List the sources (places, people, or media) you would scan for crisis related information. Briefly note the specific information each source might provide. 
  3. List and define ten (10) possible crises your organization might face. Some examples could include accidents; robberies or piracy; earthquakes or other natural disasters; terrorism; disease; or other events. Be sure to be specific about types of accidents (ie: transportation crashes, food poisoning, structure collapse etc.), or disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, etc.), or terrorism (highjacking; kidnapping, bombing, etc.) or disease (specific types), etc. You want to be as specific and relevant as possible for your chosen organization.

For each crisis, rate it in terms of likelihood of occurrence, and the severity of impact on the organization if it did occur. 

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