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Creating Original Situation Analysis For Brands

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Creating Original Situation Analysis For Brands


In this assignment, you will create an original Situation Analysis for one of four companies/brands. Each of the four companies you will choose from has been through numerous changes in recent years.


  1. Select onecompany/brand from the four choices below:
    • Mini Cooper
      • Clever solutions with iconic design encourage a life full of meaningful experiences. MINI unlocks the city, catering to your individual needs.
      • MINI is straightforward, sincere and authentic. MINI blends creativity with cleverness, offering an open platform for people, design and a vibrant urban life. MINI’s spirited attitude to life inspires people.
        • Samsung
          • “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”
          • The Vision 2020 is at the core of our commitment to create a better world full of richer digital experiences, through innovative technology and products. The goal of the vision is to become a beloved brand, an innovative company, and an admired company. For this, we dedicate our efforts to creativity and innovation, shared value with our partners, and our great people. We have delivered world best products and services through passion for innovation and optimal operation. We look forward to exploring new business areas such as healthcare and automotive electronics and continue our journey through history of innovation.
          • Samsung Electronics will welcome new challenges and opportunities with joy.
        • Dairy Queen
          • Mission: To create positive memories for all who touch DQ.
          • Vision: DQ—the world’s quick service restaurant.
        • Axe
          • Mission:
            • We’ve all been there. Been told that “a real man” wouldn’t do that or to “man up.” YAWN. The fact is that over half of us have been told that “real men” have to behave a certain way. Those outdated masculinity stereotypes might have been the norm decades ago, but times have changed, bro. You do you!
            • We linked up with Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying charity, to help stop bullying and shed those old expectations of masculinity once and for all. So far, we’ve supported 1,582,079 young people through some pretty tough times and we ain’t stopping there.

  1. Use this information as well as your own knowledge and research, to complete the Situation Analysis template. Additional research should include the use of the company’s website, the course textbook, and other online sources. Note: Do your own assessment on the business, do not go to the company website and copy their analysis.

use APA format, double spacing

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