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Creating Business Plan For A Company

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Creating Business Plan For A Company


  1. Executive Summary

Write an Overview of up to one page, presenting the key points of the overall Business Plan. Address all sections of the plan in Summary fashion. This should include something from every section.

* Note: Although the Executive Summary is the first section in your business plan, it is the last section you will write. This works best because the Executive Summary provides an overview of your entire Business plan.

  1. Organization Description

Briefly describe the Nonprofit Organization that you propose to create:

Where will your nonprofit be set up?

Include 501c3 status.  Use the source below to learn more about 501c3 status:

Research Source:

What is the mission?

What is the vision?

How many staff will you need?

Provide an Organizational Chart that shows the positions that will need to be filled. Use the Organizational Chart Template in your Assignment 1 Resources.

How fast do you plan to grow?

III. New Product or Service Idea

Describe your New Product or Service idea, by answering the prompts below:

What problem does your nonprofit organization address?

Who will benefit from your service?

What communities will your nonprofit organization serve?

What is the value proposition – i.e., why would someone support your organizational mission?  Include key resources and key activities. Use the source below to learn about creating a nonprofit value proposition:

Research Source:

  1. SWOT Analysis

Explain the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that affect your Business Plan, by answering the prompts below:

Why is this the right time to implement this new business or venture?

What is distinctive, disruptive, and/or innovative about your product or service?

Include a SWOT Analysis. Use either the SWOT Template or the SWOT Worksheet provided in your Assignment 1 Resources.

  1. Nonprofit Launch Strategy

What are the key objectives in this nonprofit proposal?

What strategies would be used to meet those objectives?

In what time frame would these objectives be met?

  1. Organizational Structure

What type or category of nonprofit organization do you plan to create?

Research Source:

What are the key activities needed to launch this organization?

How will you identify the best targets for your initial outreach and projects?

What licensing or regulations will you need to be aware of to operate your nonprofit?

VII. Operational Strategy

An operational plan describes how your nonprofit organization plans to deliver its community-focused activities.

How will you plan to manage and maintain your operations?

How you will evaluate the impact of your programs?

What partners will you need to operate the nonprofit?

VIII. Financial and Fundraising Plan

In fundraising, how will you achieve the levels of funding required to successfully carry out your mission or meet the objectives of a specific project?

If you exceed your fundraising goals, what will be done with the surplus?

What will you do if you don’t meet your fundraising goals?

How much would be an appropriate amount to cover payroll and administrative costs over time?

Create a spreadsheet to account for your funding needs. Use the Nonprofit Budget Template in your Assignment 2 Resources.

Include a narrative explaining the numbers in the Nonprofit Budget spreadsheet.

  1. Impact Plan

Describe your goals in terms of the impact your activities will have on the local community.

How you will develop connections and partnerships with local businesses and agencies?

How fast will you grow? Where and how do you believe you can expand your activities?

  1. Leadership Team and Key Roles

Provide a list of the key management roles that will need to be filled.

For each key role, specify what the requirements for the roles include.

  1. Marketing Analysis

Provide a detailed marketing plan. Be sure to include your Nonprofit Marketing Goals and Priorities, as well as your Key Message. For information on this topic, refer to the Nonprofit Marketing Plan Example document in your Assignment 3 Resources.

In your plan, show how you will incorporate “The Four Ps of Marketing.” For information on this concept, refer to The Four Ps of Marketing document in your Assignment 3 Resources.

use APA format, double spacing


XII. References

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